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Companies’ environmental litigation-related needs go beyond the legal representation by attorneys at trial. Experts in the environmental sciences contribute significantly to both preventing and navigating litigation. L&M’s scientific and regulatory experts can provide assistance to companies with due diligence, as well as litigation support should the need arise. Whether you need help with the initial phase of due diligence or you need expert testimony, document review, and reports, L&M has the experience you need to fulfill your obligations and confidently address legal challenges.

Decades of Experience

L&M personnel have decades of combined experience working as former regulators, field scientists, and emergency response personnel. Our regulatory compliance team is versed in all federal, state, and local regulations. Our response unit has handled spills and releases both large and small. Lastly, our litigation support specialists have experience in preparing reports and discovery.

Whether it’s containing a spill, managing a chemical release, or achieving regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal regulations: from preparation to recovery, L&M has its clients covered.

Margo Moss smiles at the camera, wearing a white hard hat with goggles on its brim.

About Margo Moss

Margo Moss is a highly experienced and educated environmental scientist with a history of field science and policy management with private consulting, non-profits, state and federal agencies, as well as academia. She received her Master of Science in Environmental Biology from Tulane University and has over fifteen years of professional experience in the environmental science field.

Ms. Moss built a strong background in applied environmental science and regulatory compliance prior to founding L&M. Since founding L&M she has expanded her practice in the environmental field with emergency response and compliance consulting services.

Ms. Moss has a proven ability to solve complex natural resource issues within a highly regulated field of practice, including specific experience in policy development, air and water compliance inspections, air and water sampling, minor source permitting, Title V Air Program, marine and coastal response, endangered species and resource advising, and other specialized environmental fields.

She has over thirteen years of experience in emergency management and response, through her work on large national responses from BP Deepwater Horizon to the St. Simon Sound Incident, as well as numerous regional incidents as an Environmental Scientist for the Louisiana State Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ).

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Whether it’s containing a spill, managing a chemical release or achieving regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, L&M Environmental Response, LLC will be with you from start to finish and beyond.

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