Emergency Response

Even if you feel you have adequately completed your due diligence, and even when everyone values safety and compliance and acts accordingly, sometimes environmental emergencies do occur. When an environmental emergency such as a fire, chemical leak, or oil spill takes place at an industrial site, marine vessel, or pipeline, the company involved must act quickly and effectively to minimize the impact on the environment and human health. Your responsibilities will likely include notifying relevant authorities and emergency response teams, while also implementing the company’s own emergency response plan. It may be necessary to have everyone evacuate the affected area, which may first require determining the size and location of the affected area in a relatively short period of time. Regardless of whether a full evacuation is necessary, it will be critical to implement safety measures to protect your workers as well as people, wildlife, and vegetation within the affected area. Additionally, the responsible party (RP) will likely have a responsibility of communicating honestly about the emergency with its stakeholders, the community, and the government, while also bearing in mind concerns about liability. The sheer number of factors to be considered within a highly time-sensitive situation can be overwhelming if one is not adequately prepared and without proper support, adding further stress to an already difficult situation.

Fortunately, when the worst happens, L&M is there for you, to give you the information you need to make these important decisions in a timely fashion. Our team can assist with assessment, recordkeeping, management and mitigation, limiting damage to the environment and helping you demonstrate that you take the incident seriously and respond appropriately. We can also make sure that you learn from what happened this time and make plans to make it less likely to occur again. Our experience can help to make a very difficult situation more manageable. We have handled serious environmental emergencies in the past and we know what to do to protect the environment, the community, and your company. When you call in L&M you are taking a step in the right direction of recovery and remediation, and ultimately the best possible environmental and business outcome in this situation.


As noted above, the best way to deal with a disaster is to take steps to avoid one before it happens. For this reason, L&M assists companies to create emergency-prevention plans specific to their needs and to train their workers to take appropriate safety precautions on a daily basis.

L&M will help you create appropriate planning and training programs that can reduce the risk that environmental emergencies will happen in the first place.

In addition to prevention, we can ensure that you have response plans in place before a disaster happens, including a Vessel Response Plan, Facility Response Plan, Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan, and Voluntary Remediation Plan ready to go. We can also assist you to train your employees and other workers on your project to understand their roles in these plans.

Active Response

When an environmental emergency occurs, L&M’s experts are here to help you respond appropriately in the moment as well as planning for future actions needed.

When an environmental emergency takes place, a myriad of regulations and reporting requirements come into play. L&M’s experts can help you navigate these numerous responsibilities, ensuring that you notify the appropriate authorities and take the correct initial response actions.

We assist you with generally responding to the incident and help you to make a plan to remedy any damages caused.

When an oil spill occurs, the industry standard is to conduct SCAT surveys to determine the level of oil at the shoreline, and then continue to do so as cleanup proceeds to determine when the area has been made safe again. L&M has experience conducting SCAT assessments as well as working within the Environmental Unit and Operation Unit.

To determine the state of contamination in an environmental emergency, L&M field scientists can conduct sampling and monitoring of the surrounding air and water, and determine if waste has been released and inform cleanup efforts.

L&M will work to determine the impact of the emergency on any endangered or sensitive species in the area and help you to mitigate this damage. L&M has good working relationships with USCG, USFWS, NOAA as well as several State Agencies which function as SOSC.

L&M’s team is highly proficient in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to track the results of an environmental disaster, such as the location of oil in an oil spill. We can manage and analyze large volumes of data that will be important to understanding what precisely has happened, its impact, and how remediation and recovery can take place.

Post Incident

Following the beginning of the environmental emergency, the often long and complicated process of investigation, cleanup, remediation, compensation, and recovery will take place. L&M’s work will support your company throughout the process, assisting with investigations, determining environmental impact, and assisting you to remedy what has occurred.

An important post-incident service that L&M provides is advising on how to mitigate future Natural Resource Damage Assessment liabilities, as well as giving cleanup recommendations based on habitats and wildlife.

As discussed above, L&M’s experts are available to support your company in handling lawsuits related to an environmental emergency, with services including providing expert testimony for depositions and trials, as well as reviewing documents in discovery and writing expert reports on key issues in the ligation.

Marine salvage can be a critical part of post-Hurricane Response. Wreckage and other debris may be left in the body of water and can degrade and leak causing severe mechanical and chemical damage to sensitive marine and fishery habitats. L&M’s team of marine and oyster biologists can identify priority debris and vessels to optimize environmental protection with available funding. We also have an established relationship with salvage contractors who perform the removal based on our survey, GIS mapping and assessment. Finally, we perform the necessary waste disposal.

Need more information?

While this list of our services provides a general overview of what L&M Environmental is able to offer your organization, we recognize that every project is unique, both in its desired objectives and its potential impacts. Furthermore, particularly for those outside of our industry, we recognize that environmental compliance and remediation involve a patchwork of acronyms and references to regulations that can make it difficult to understand which services in particular you should seek out. Contact us today to find out more about our services and see how L&M can help you navigate litigation, regulatory compliance, and emergency response. We want to use our expertise to help make your life easier and support your work objectives in an environmentally friendly way.

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