Litigation Support and Due Diligence

Companies’ environmental litigation-related needs go beyond the legal representation by attorneys at trial. Experts in the environmental sciences contribute significantly to both preventing and navigating litigation. L&M’s scientific and regulatory experts can provide assistance to companies with due diligence, as well as litigation support should the need arise. Whether you need help with the initial phase of due diligence or you need expert testimony, document review, and reports, L&M has the experience you need to fulfill your obligations and confidently address legal challenges.

Litigation Support

When faced with a lawsuit involving complex technical subjects, companies need expert testimony, document review, and reports to ensure that the issues in the case are properly documented and evidenced. Fortunately, L&M is here to help, both in our home state of Louisiana and at out-of-state locations, particularly within the Gulf South region.

Our experts, with decades of combined experience, are ready to testify on all issues within the scope of our knowledge. Expert testimony can be critical when a case hinges on issues outside of the experience and knowledge of the general public. When you hire an expert, you need someone you can trust. L&M’s professionals meet that need.

We are familiar with the discovery process. We can efficiently review large volumes of documents to determine their relevance to the proceedings and address key facts at issue in the case.

We write reports, including Compliance and After-Action reports, that provide our expert opinion on environmental and compliance matters.

Due Diligence

The best way for a company to handle litigation is to avoid it entirely, and doing your due diligence is the process of shoring up your operation against allegations of negligence. L&M works to make sure your project complies with all local, state, and federal regulations. Although the process of ensuring this compliance can be complicated and time-consuming, the exposure to litigation caused by inaction is a much greater hassle. Fortunately, L&M is able to provide environmental assessments and permit compliance review for your business, allowing you to rest assured that you have completed these requirements.

Although generally only required for federal- and state-funded projects, conducting an environmental assessment and creating an environmental statement in compliance with National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) Phase 1 Environmental Assessments has become an industry standard. Additionally, it may be required in order to obtain certain government-issued permits.

L&M Environmental’s experts perform the tasks essential to this process, including sampling and examination of habitats, past oil spills, contamination, historical events, and all other relevant information.

A critical piece of due diligence before beginning construction is that a company must obtain the necessary permits, including those regarding the potential environmental effects of the project. L&M can review your compliance with the permits required for your specific project, so you will not have to worry about missing a required permit.

Need more information?

While this list of our services provides a general overview of what L&M Environmental is able to offer your organization, we recognize that every project is unique, both in its desired objectives and its potential impacts. Furthermore, particularly for those outside of our industry, we recognize that environmental compliance and remediation involve a patchwork of acronyms and references to regulations that can make it difficult to understand which services in particular you should seek out. Contact us today to find out more about our services and see how L&M can help you navigate litigation, regulatory compliance, and emergency response. We want to use our expertise to help make your life easier and support your work objectives in an environmentally friendly way.

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