NVIROleaks is the first in a new line of web applications from L&M

NVIROleaks is the first in a new line of web applications by ComplyPod (created by the founders of L&M) designed to assist the oil & gas industry in managing the challenges of environmental compliance.

NVIROleaks a secure online platform makes tracking leaks & repairs quick, easy and automated.

  • Quickly receive results of surveys, submit work orders and repairs valves to save time and keep your facility running smoothly.
  • Track which components fail over time to identify trends and save time & money on repairs.
  • An automated database developed by our regulatory experts provides peace of mind that the regulations are applied correctly to your facility.
  • Site set up is easy and painless with 24/7 customer support.

Currently, L&M and ComplyPod are working with select facilities to ensure that NVIROleaks meets the needs of the oil & gas industry including refineries, chemical plants, well sites, transmission stations, tank farms and the consultants providing LDAR services for the industry.

NVIROleaks is a LDAR Compliance Database and better alternative than the standard archaic data management systems typically used in the industry.

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